Here's Are The Benefits You Will Enjoy
Buying Your Domain Namedomainnames

You can find yourself having a name that doesn’t help with your business and the traffic purpose. We show you the rules of finding and choosing the right domain name for the most competive price. You’ll learn how to register your domain name.

Choosing Hosting Servicechoosehosting

Which hosting provide to choose? The consequences of choosing the wrong one can have your website go down often. Plus, they can slow the installing of WordPress. We help you to avoid the pitfalls and guide you to options that benefits you in the long term.

Installing WordPressinstallingwordpress

Installing WordPress helps you to add the design and the building blocks of your website pages. The “step by step” online training videos will help you to know exactly how to install WordPress without any techie jargon.

Creating Pages and Postscreatingpagesandposts

Pages are static content such as your About Page, Team Page, Testimonial Page, Contact Page and so on. You’ll learn how to create each one to start adding the content neccessary for customers tor read.

Adding Custom Menusaddingcustommenus

When you’ve installed WordPress it came with a Default menu. You want to change the order of the menu to suit your website. You will learn how to swop the order of the menus, create drop downs and change the colour.

Creating Categoriescreatingcategories

If you want Google to send it’s spiders to frequently visit your website to let the world know your content exist, you must create a Site map. Categories are also a great way to enhance your website’s SEO and guide readers to targeted content.

Prevent Spam With Pluginsprevintingspamwithplugins

There are different types of Plugins for WordPress. You’ll learn how to install them especially plusgs to prevent spam from hitting your blog comments.

Enhance SEO With Linksenhancingseolinks

Creating different blog posts and being able to interlink them can enhance the SEO of your website. It’s also a way to share more on the subject without spelling it out.

Create Unique Layoutscreateuniquelayouts

Child themes give you the freedom to customize and create your own unique layout on top of another existing WordPress theme.

Adding Facebook Comments Boxaddingfacebookcomments

Social Media is big and with facebook comment on your blog the conversation can easily be seen on other users facebook profile page. Attracting more traffic to your website.

Adding Social Share Buttonsaddingsocialsharebuttons

When readers find valuable content on your website they will share it. It will attract traffic from their social network. You’ll learn how to add the social share tools for your audience to share.

Adding Optin Formaddingoptinform

Build your email list by adding an optin form. It’s critical for your business to build your list so you can bring back prospects to your website. It starts with adding an optin form.

Connect Autoresponderconnectautoresponder

Discover how to connect your optin form to the autoresponder which will automate confirmation emails and certain pages on your website. You will learn how to add your email newsletter. You will be able to build your email list and send emails on automation.

Create Author Boxcreateauthorbox

An author can share information about you but it can also have links to direct your readers to sign up to your email newsletter. Find out how to design an author box.

Add Paypal Paymentaddingpaypalpayment

You will discover how to add your payment system to your products and services. Automating the process for customers to buy and pay into your Paypal Account.

Get Your 30 Day Trial For $1 And Instant Access To This Full Training

This is not a training course where you find yourself on your own and no one to answer your questions. There are many authors who create such courses.

I’m not one of these authors. Included even with your 30 day trail is support to ask questions. Under each training video is a comment box. If you have questions, I will answer but what I won’t do, is do it for you.

I won’t build your website for you or use some software to try and fix your techie solutions. That’s a different service and it eats into the little I have for clients who hire me to build their websites and who want an hour to fix their website and any techie issues.

However, I will answer your questions and throughout each problem you solve, you will grow confident and surprise yourself. You will enjoy the way you learn and how I communicate with easy English language – and without the techie jargon stuff.

There is much more training to be added and you’ll find out by clicking on orange button below…

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